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Startling scam: oil is not buried in the ground into a living thing

Time: 2017-06-11 10:01:16


There are two theories about the oil forming mechanism of petroleum: biological deposition into oil and petrochemical oil. The former is widely accepted. It is considered that petroleum is formed by organisms in ancient oceans or lakes through long evolution, which belongs to biological deposition into oil and is non renewable; The latter believes that oil is generated from the carbon in the earth's crust, which has nothing to do with biology and is renewable. Oil is mainly used as fuel and gasoline. It is also the raw material of many chemical industrial products, such as solutions, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, plastics, lubricants and lubricant additives.

As the world's first industrial energy factor - oil, its source (oil forming mechanism) has been controversial. Two completely different views, which inevitably leads us to ask, is it impossible to explore the root cause of such important energy in today's extremely developed science and technology?

After consulting a large number of materials, the reporter's internal reference found that it is not that human science and technology cannot touch, but that oil, as a "black gold", actually involves too many interests, so that its truth cannot be made public.

In 1956, American geologist Herbert put forward a paper and formed the "peak oil theory" on this basis. The theme of this paper is that oil is a fossil fuel, which is formed by biochemical reaction of dinosaurs, algae and other organisms buried underground 500 million years ago. However, this core theory is only a hypothesis without any scientific evidence, but it has become the main basis of the modern "bio oil" theory.

In an interview before his death in 1989, Harbert admitted that the method he used to estimate U.S. oil reserves had nothing to do with science. His statement of creating fossil fuels is mainly to provide theoretical support for the "peak oil theory", that is, the total amount of oil originally generated is limited (the regeneration part can be ignored), and the exploitable area is limited to the bedrock deposited by a large number of paleontology. So far, all places that may produce this kind of oil have been explored, that is to say, there can be no more oil.

At the same time, he also admitted that before he published the peak oil theory, he sent the paper to the chairman of a British and American oil giant. The chairman said that he must compete with Vickers's view of "overestimating" oil reserves and asked him to estimate the maximum oil reserves in the paper. (Wilkes was the most authoritative oil reserves expert in the United States at that time. He predicted that the oil reserves in the United States would be 400 billion barrels at that time, and kept raising expectations. If Wilkes theory becomes the mainstream, how can the oil giants maintain or even raise oil prices?)

He said that in order to make his theory look authentic, he must become an authoritative expert. Therefore, he changed the "Gaussian curve" slightly and named it "Hubbert curve", but in fact, the changes of these curves were only imagined by him. According to their imaginary curve, they can deduce the oil production in a certain period of time without involving any mathematical logic.

Does no one in the world know the truth? Of course not. Harbert can't cover up.

Michael Burt, a geologist in Texas, questioned the theory of increasing oil production in 1980. But the oil giants turned a deaf ear to this. They held the "Shangfang sword" of the peak oil theory, and even wrote the "bio oil" into the geological textbook. They unanimously recognized that oil is a "fossil fuel", which is formed by the biochemical reaction of buried dinosaurs, algae and other organisms. Therefore, the resources must be limited. Through the control of the media, this view has become the mainstream consensus in the world.

In fact, as early as the early 1950s, the Soviet Union discovered a new theory of oil sources. Soviet scientists formed an interdisciplinary team and carefully studied the western scientific literature on the sources of oil and gas in the secret base set up by the government. The scientists were surprised by the results and concluded that what Americans call the theory that oil comes from biology is pure nonsense. Moreover, oil reserves are not as limited as Americans say. In fact, more and more oil fields are found in the world. In 1956, the team announced its research conclusion: "crude oil and natural gas have no internal relationship with buried organisms. They are primitive materials gushing from the depths of the earth."

If the Soviets are right, the total amount of oil on the earth is only related to the amount of hydrocarbon organic matter in the deep stratum, which has been formed in the early stage of the formation of the earth, and the amount of oil that humans can obtain is only related to the depth of drilling. Moreover, the Soviets also found that abandoned oil fields can repair themselves, that is, "self filling" oil fields. They believe that oil is naturally generated under high temperature and pressure deep in the earth's crust, which is similar to the formation conditions of diamonds. It is the Archean material deep in the earth's crust, which erupts cold under high pressure and enters the shallow zone of the earth's crust.

Under the guidance of this theory, the Soviet Union made remarkable achievements. The Dnepr Donets Basin, considered by Western scientists as a barren land of crystal base geology, has made a major discovery. They drilled a total of 61 wells there, of which 37 are of commercial exploitation value, with a success rate of 60% (the success rate of exploration in the United States is only about 10%), and the area of oil fields found there can be comparable to the huge oil fields on the northern slope of Alaska.

During the cold war, Soviet scientists regarded their theories and experiences as high-level state secrets. It was not until the Iraq war in 2003 that the Pentagon began to realize the strategic significance of the Soviet Union's mastery of theories. While the United States wantonly seized oil resources in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran and other countries, the Soviets were working hard to explore 11 large oil fields and one super oil field in Siberia, which is known as the oil wasteland, making the Soviet Union the largest oil producer in the world in the 1980s.

The Soviets satirized the western theory of petroleum fossils with a hypothesis: take the gawar oilfield in Saudi Arabia, the largest oilfield in the world, as an example. According to the theory of petroleum fossils, to generate the oil produced in the oilfield, it needs a three-dimensional space 30 kilometers long, wide and high, filled with dinosaur meat, and 100% converted into oil. This is absolutely absurd.

In 1998, many large oil fields were discovered in Russia, Africa and Asia, and the global oil price plummeted. At this time, the "Hackett phenomenon" reappeared. The British and American oil giants once again threw out an upgraded version of the peak oil theory, instructing Irish petroleum geologist Colin Campbell and French petroleum geologist Jean La Harrell to jointly publish an article entitled "the end of cheap oil" in Scientific American. The paper once again predicts that the oil production will reach the peak in 2010, but with the passage of time, the prediction fails.

Dick Cheney, CEO of oil service enterprises, agreed with Campbell's view and stressed that oil is a scarce resource and of great strategic significance. In November 2000, Cheney and George W. Bush won the US general election and became Vice President. After taking office, they soon extended their black hand to the Middle East and sent troops to Iraq. Later, people realized that Cheney's Middle East oil strategy was to grab oil and give it to major oil companies in Britain and the United States.

The collusion between government and business is common in the United States. They led the implementation of various conspiracies. The oil chain connects the interests of all parties

Western elites have long manipulated the prices of various commodities wantonly. In this context, the oil price does not depend entirely on the changes of natural factors, supply and demand factors and scientific and technological factors, but more on the interest demands of Anglo American group, which dominates the oil price. As long as the control power of this interest subject remains, it will be the ultimate factor and override other factors, interfere with and finally determine the product price.

With the banner of democracy and the slogan of safeguarding world security, they aim to plunder and control oil, the lifeblood of world industry. In order to achieve their own goals, they do not hesitate to restrict the development and application of new energy such as nuclear energy and solar energy at the cost of hindering the progress of world scientific and technological civilization; Establish international organizations serving their own systems, including the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization; Create economic depression and hyperinflation; Launch military war and establish unipolar hegemony; Using "shock therapy" to restrict the industrial development of other countries; Oil prices are artificially pegged to the US dollar, disrupting the global economic order; Control the media to mislead the public and delay the process of scientific and technological civilization; It has brought endless famine, pain and death to developing countries

Startling scam: oil is not buried in the ground into a living thing
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