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General knowledge of automobile lubricating oil products

Time: 2017-05-13 11:17:42


As an indispensable step in the vehicle maintenance procedure, lubricating oil replacement has become the common sense of many vehicle owners. However, how can we replace them correctly and choose lub

As an indispensable step in the vehicle maintenance procedure, changing lubricating oil has become the common sense of many car owners. However, how can we replace them correctly and choose lubricants with higher cost performance? In fact, the principle of changing lubricating oil for vehicles is the same as that for people to eat. Through some image metaphors, this problem can be well understood and solved.

Question 1: what kind of lubricating oil should I change for my car and how often?

Metaphorical Explanation: how long to eat a meal and what to eat for each meal are determined by people's physical condition and taste, not by food.

Technical explanation: the selection of engine lubricating oil and oil change mileage are determined by the working conditions of the engine and the processing level of the engine itself, not by the lubricating oil. According to the chapter of regular maintenance in the driver's manual equipped with their own vehicle, the owner can specify what grade (API) and viscosity (SAE) of lubricating oil should be selected during oil change as the primary consideration during oil change.

Question 2: there are additives in my lubricating oil, which is a good lubricating oil. Is that right?

Metaphorical Explanation: if someone says that my meal contains carbohydrates, protein and fat, which is a good meal with high nutrition, do you believe it?

Technical explanation: lubricating oils are made of base oil and various additives. The reason why they have different grades and viscosities is due to different grades of base oil and different formulations of additives.

Question 3: will adding some additional additives to the engine help the engine work better?

Metaphorical Explanation: if lubricating oil is "automobile food", then various additives are "automobile medicine". Nothing, take medicine for what!

Technical explanation: various additives in lubricating oil are prepared according to a certain proportion. Artificially adding some additives may improve the performance in this aspect, but the performance in other aspects will be reduced accordingly. Only when one aspect of the engine is in poor working condition and the overhaul is not worth it (for example, it is close to the scrap life), additives can be selected to maintain it temporarily.

Question 4: the original mineral oil for my car. After changing the synthetic oil, how can the replaced lubricating oil be so dirty?

Metaphor explanation: I'm used to eating Wotou pickles. If I have seafood once in a while, I have to go back to my stomach!

Technical explanation: the cleaning performance of synthetic lubricating oil is higher than that of mineral oil because it removes all the dirt accumulated before. After changing synthetic lubricating oil for several times, this situation naturally disappears.

Question 5: what is the advantage of changing the lubricating oil?

Metaphorical Explanation: compared with eating steamed stuffed bun pickles for many years, people who pay attention to nutritional collocation and balance for many years must have different physical qualities.

Technical explanation: there is no difference between good and bad lubricating oil, but the performance is different. Selecting high-grade lubricating oil to make the engine work in a better environment for a long time is of great benefit to prolong the service life of the engine.

Q6: after the last oil change, I didn't drive much. When it's time to change the oil, does it also need to change the oil?

After lunch, you slept all afternoon. Do you still have to eat at dinner

Technical explanation: after the lubricating oil is unpacked and added to the engine, even if the engine does not work, the performance of the lubricating oil will decline due to oxidation and other reasons. Therefore, the driver's manual generally states: "it is recommended to replace the engine lubricating oil every x thousand kilometers or every x months, whichever comes first."

Question 7: what is the brand of lubricating oil?

Metaphorical Explanation: the proportion of various ingredients will be indicated on the food packaging, and the brand of food is the credibility of this proportion of ingredients.

Technical explanation: generally, API and SAE indicators will be marked on the package of engine lubricating oil, and the brand of lubricating oil is the credibility of these technical indicators. Generally speaking, the lubricating oil with the same index should have the same effect in the engine. For well-known brands, customers will more believe in these indicators indicated by the manufacturer.

General knowledge of automobile lubricating oil products
As an indispensable step in the vehicle maintenance procedure, lubricating oil replacement has become the common sense of many vehicle owners. However, how can we replace them correctly and choose lub
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