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There are 10 misunderstandings in changing the oil. Don't underestimate it and destroy the car every minute!

Time: 2017-05-12 10:31:13


Engine oil, full name: engine lubricating oil. The engine is the heart of the car. There are many metals rubbing against each other, and the oil can lubricate and reduce the friction. In addition, the

Engine oil, full name: engine lubricating oil. The engine is the heart of the car. There are many metals rubbing against each other, and the oil can lubricate and reduce the friction. In addition, the engine oil also has the functions of rust prevention and corrosion prevention, auxiliary cooling and cooling, sealing and leakage prevention, shock absorption and buffer, etc. Car oil is also equivalent to the blood of a car. If you can't change it well, you can't hit the car. This is not my alarmist talk. Now, more and more car owners realize the importance of engine oil, but they know little about the correct use of engine oil. There are some misunderstandings about automobile engine oil. Let's take a look at these 10 misunderstandings.

1. The oil with higher viscosity will last longer

Some car owners believe that the viscosity of the oil will continue to decline with the use of time, so they believe that the higher the viscosity of the oil, the longer the use of time, which is a misunderstanding. The service time of engine oil is related to the working conditions of automobile engine, such as performance, wear degree, driving road and environmental conditions. At the same time, it is related to the quality grade of engine oil, anti-wear agents and high-temperature oxidation additives in engine oil, but not to the viscosity of engine oil.

2. The oil is only added but not changed

For some German car owners, it's right to often check the oil, and the standing oil in the trunk can't be more normal. The performance of engine oil will gradually decline due to pollution, oxidation and other reasons, and there will be some consumption at the same time. Only replenishment without replacement can only make up for the shortage of oil quantity, which can not make up for the loss of oil lubrication performance. For example, when cold water is mixed with normally warm water, it can only get warmer and cooler, not cooler and cooler. Therefore, only adding oil without changing will lead to worse and worse performance. Besides, just adding oil, what do you think of the oil filter element: I'm all like this and won't let me retire!

3. Don't forget to pack the oil change

The vehicle shall be subject to routine maintenance every certain kilometer, including oil change and three filters. However, each oil change is based on one barrel. Generally, there will be a little surplus after oil change. Don't forget to pack the remaining oil away for later use. In this way, when it is found that the liquid level of oil and liquid decreases and must be replenished after one or two months, the owner can also "rinse" the engine with the accumulated oil after several maintenance before an oil change to make the oil change more thorough.

4. Mixed oil

Except for different viscosity grades, the base oils of various lubricating oils are the same. The only difference lies in the variety and quantity of added components. Therefore, the variety and quality grade of lubricating oil are generally divided according to the variety and quantity of added components. Lubricating oils with different types of additives cannot be mixed, otherwise the additives in the oil may have a chemical reaction and damage the due effect of the lubricating oil.

5. Diesel engine with gasoline engine oil

Although gasoline engine and diesel engine work under the same conditions of high temperature, high pressure, high speed and high load, there are still great differences between them. The compression ratio of diesel engine is more than twice that of gasoline engine. The impact of high temperature and high pressure on its main parts is much greater than that of gasoline engine, so the manufacturing materials of some parts are different. After the diesel engine is added, the bearing bush of the diesel engine will appear half a dot, hemp pit, or even flake. The engine oil will soon become dirty and lead to the accident of burning the Bush and holding the shaft.

6. The engine oil change depends on the mileage and warranty period

Under normal circumstances, the owner can determine whether the engine oil needs to be replaced according to the mileage and shelf life of the engine oil. Change the ordinary oil for 5000 km, the semi synthetic oil for 7500 km and the full synthetic oil for 10000 km. In frequent traffic jams or high temperature, cold and other vehicle environments, the replacement cycle should be shortened. In addition, if the oil exceeds its validity period, it should be replaced even if the mileage of the replacement cycle is not reached.

7. The thinner the oil, the better

Some high-end brands have low viscosity, but it does not mean that the thinner the oil, the better. In summer, due to the high temperature and high viscosity, the engine oil is more suitable for engine protection, which requires the owner to choose the appropriate engine oil according to his own car and the actual condition of the engine.

8. Blindly use good engine oil

Some car owners believe that imported engine oil must be better than domestic engine oil, so they use imported engine oil on domestic cars, especially new cars. As everyone knows, the gains often outweigh the losses, and there will be many disadvantages. For example, most imported engine oils have low viscosity, which can not meet the requirements of domestic vehicles for engine oil viscosity. In addition, the material thermal expansion coefficient and fitting clearance of various mating parts of domestic engines are larger than those of imported vehicles, and most domestic vehicle engines are not equipped with oil radiator. If imported oil is used blindly, the oil pressure will be low because the engine oil is too thin at normal working temperature, and even can not reach the specified working pressure, which can not meet the needs of normal lubrication, and the wear of the engine will be exacerbated.

9. Change the oil when it's black

Many times, we will notice that the engine oil turns black. Does this mean that the engine oil has deteriorated? Although engine oil is easy to oxidize and deteriorate under high temperature conditions, with the continuous improvement of lubricating oil quality, especially the use of multi-level oil, the blackening of engine oil is not necessarily deterioration. There are two reasons why the engine oil turns black: after adding new engine oil, the oil sludge and carbon deposits on the previous parts will be dispersed into the engine oil. It won't take long for the engine oil to turn black.

10. Additives are of great use

The real high-quality lubricating oil is the finished product with a variety of engine protection functions. The formula already contains a variety of additives, including anti-wear agents. Moreover, the lubricating oil pays attention to the balance of the formula to ensure the full play of various properties. Adding other additives by oneself can not bring additional protection to the vehicle, but it is easy to react with the chemicals in the engine oil, resulting in the decline of the comprehensive performance of the engine oil.

Summary of Youshi: engine oil plays a very important role in vehicle maintenance, which is not just lubrication, so it is a good maintenance common sense for household owners to avoid misunderstandings in use. Only by paying attention to these places can we prolong the service life of your car. The quality of a good car is important, but it is also important to know how to take care of and maintain it, I hope this little common sense will play a role for the majority of car owners when using lubricating grease in the future.

There are 10 misunderstandings in changing the oil. Don't underestimate it and destroy the car every minute!
Engine oil, full name: engine lubricating oil. The engine is the heart of the car. There are many metals rubbing against each other, and the oil can lubricate and reduce the friction. In addition, the
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